Hi, I’m Elise.


I can’t wait to help you turn your writing vision into a colorful reality!


My mission is to coach you to unleash your creative voice through writing.

I was born with a writing talent and discovered it as a pre-teen. Diaries were my best friend and in HS became a music journalist. My big break came when I toured Japan with KISS, then became the Tokyo Bureau Chief of Billboard Magazine.

I worked in media, communications, and publishing most of my career and haven’t stopped writing. I am a freelance writer, and advise writers through in-person coaching and online courses. Helping others learn the craft I perfected years ago gives me joy and a sense of purpose.

That’s what I’m here to do for YOU!

  • Have you always wanted to write but didn’t know how?
    You’re unsure where to begin using the notes, ideas, and plot you may have outlined. The steps, structure, form, and method necessary to start are unclear.
  • You held firm to the belief that your story wasn’t worth writing.
    Self-doubt got in the way of taking action. You weren’t ready to unleash your creativity.
  • You started but got stuck somewhere and didn’t finish.
    Your life can interrupt the concentration needed to get unstuck and back into the writing flow.
  • You’ve heard from people more than once, “Oh my god, your story would make a great book; why don’t you write it?” yet you weren’t convinced you could.
    When writing is not your full-time career, it feels impossible.


Let Me Help You!


Book Coaching

Accountability is vital whether it's your first or fifteenth book.

As your badass partner, I review and critically evaluate any concepts and ideas you have and materials: blogs, articles, notes, and partial manuscripts to structure your deliverables throughout the process.  

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I develop your book's conceptual framework, chapters, table of contents, and chapter titles to ensure flow, consistency, believability, and accuracy. 

Putting the finishing touches on the manuscript includes ensuring the syntax and  grammar are correct.

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You’ve yearned to tell your story to someone who can write it for you - in your voice, who understands your POV and what it takes to complete a non-fiction, epic novel, or multi-layered family history saga. I’ve been writing for over four decades.

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Under our imprint Kumi Books, we offer authors a range of options to help them through the nightmare landscape of self-publishing. From formatting, cover art, ISBN and bar code creation, KDP uploading and Amazon #1 ranking to brand building and marketing.

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I have thought about what it would take to write a book for as long as I can remember. Elise proved to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, and professional. She offered guidance throughout the discovery process. I appreciate how she challenged me and never gave up on me - even when I began doubting my ability to put my thoughts on paper. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has “always wanted to write.” She will help you determine if the story is within you and how best to bring it to the surface.

Phyllis Snodgrass - CEO, Missionpreneur, Mentor, Strategic Advisor & Coach, Former CEO of Habitat for Humanity Texas

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