I talked about writing a book for ten years until I met Elise Krentzel, who began my incredible new writing journey. By our second session, I was writing. Elise is fantastic, patient, kind, and direct when she needs to be (I might be a tad hard-headed). I have never felt alone. Her presence is powerful, and I can "hear her" in my head when I am stuck or if I am trying to shortcut the story.

I look forward to continuing working with Elise as I have a few more books in me. If you’ve ever considered writing or are looking for someone who knows their stuff and is an AWESOME teacher -- Elise is the end of your search.

Will Simpson - Author of You’ve Got to Lose to Win

I had the pleasure of working with Elise for the last six months as my book coach, editor, and guide. A seasoned professional who leads with her heart, she has helped me find my voice. I am indebted to her for her guidance and wisdom in taking on the challenge. She was patient when I needed the space, stern when I needed the push, and empathetic when I needed to be understood. For almost 30 years, I have carried the dream to ink my thoughts in a way that will impact my audience. Elise’s skills and experience translated into making my book a reality!

Abrar Ansari - Author of Management by Intent

I have thought about what it would take to write a book for as long as I can remember. Elise proved to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, and professional. She offered guidance throughout the discovery process. I appreciate how she challenged me and never gave up on me - even when I began doubting my ability to put my thoughts on paper. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has “always wanted to write.” She will help you determine if the story is within you and how best to bring it to the surface.

Phyllis Snodgrass - CEO, Missionpreneur, Mentor, Strategic Advisor & Coach, Former CEO of Habitat for Humanity Texas

I worked with Elise as my book coach to help me decipher how to create a viable collection of stories or a novel from the many short stories and notes I had written. My writing is copious and I had limited time. As an attorney and full-time single dad of a special needs child, I appreciated her directness and focus. She can clearly distinguish what intelligent writing is and how to organize and sculpt concepts from thin air into a cohesive and thought-provoking story. I enjoyed working with her and hope to do so again when I find time to start my next project!!

Thanks, Elise!

Jamal Edwards - Experienced General Counsel, Entreprenuer & former CEO | Super Lawyer®️| Corporate Director | Executive Coach, Speaker & Writer

It’s not just grammar and punctuation with Elise. After she edited my manuscript, her guidance assisted me in completing the project. She asked the right questions to pull the emotional story out and offered some excellent ideas.

I am grateful for that guidance and recommend her services to other authors.

Dianne Morgan - Certified Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Angel Intuitive, Author of Then They Came

What started as an innocent ghostwriting inquiry has turned into the exploration and solidification of the next chapter of my life. Business acumen and domain expertise are admission prices to Elise’s business. What sets her apart is a genuine gift for seeing the innate (possibly hidden) talents within me. Working with Elise has been enthralling, yet challenging but always valuable. Such is the case when releasing one’s inner genius.

I am very grateful to have Elise in my corner as a guide, confidant, and butt kicker every step of the way.

Adam Halpern - CEO, Profitable Destinations, Inc.

A friend recommended Elise to me for her book coaching services. I hired her to help me with my children’s picture book. With Elise’s assistance, I was able to turn my initial ideas and scrapbook pages into an actual story and develop a narrative ‘arc’ to provide more meaning to the reader. Elise helped me find a children's book editor and an illustrator, making the book the best quality. I am very grateful for Elise’s services — the book has now been published, and this would not be possible without Elise’s initial assistance.

Elise also created my social media pages and tweaked my bio to reflect my new author identity.

Jennifer Ballow - Author of Under My Pillow, Social Worker & Soundscape Therapist

The subject matter of my non-fiction book is highly specialized, and challenging to get the complex concepts across to an audience who has never experienced the program we offer. I thought only another practitioner in my field could edit such a manuscript. Yet Elise has worked miracles with the entire document: from content clarification, revisions, suggestions, and line editing, she can pinpoint exactly what needs to be added or removed.

She expertly recommended changes that brought my co-author and me closer to the reader in ways I couldn’t have done. I highly recommend working with Elise if you are a thought leader who needs a developmental editor or ghostwriter. She understands marketing and how your book can best reach your intended audience. I have found her take on our ideas invaluable.

Valerie Lemme - Author of Falling in Love with Your Future, CHT Future Visioning

Elise has been instrumental in developmental editing for my third book, a complex story that involves real-life examples mixed with mythological references. She reorganized and restructured the book so that it made sense to readers. She removed redundancies I didn't notice and gave excellent suggestions for rewrites.

Janet Bernson - The Healing Artist, Author of several books