Terms and Conditions

Effective: June 28, 2023

Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights

We will never pass on your personal details to any third party. Any intellectual property (i.e. writing) you create during your course belongs solely to you. Kumi Consulting & Co., LLC have no claim to any work produced by you during and after the course, unless specifically negotiated in writing in a separate agreement. See also our Privacy Policy.

Access to the course

Learn to Write Like a Rebel© will be available to you for a six month period from the date of registration and payment. 

You should not consider your booking as definite until you receive an automated notification that your payment has been processed.

Changes to the program
Kumi Consulting & Co., LLC reserves the right to make changes to the advertised program. On very rare occasions we may need to cancel a course; in this case we will offer you an alternative course or return all of the fee paid. 

Cancellations and Refunds
Once you make payment for the course, all written and visual materials will be available to you online and no cancellations will be accepted. All sales are final. Please note that if you leave the course after you have enrolled or if you fail to produce all or any part of the course homework, no refund will be made and we will retain 100% of your fee.

Conduct and safety
Kumi Consulting & Co., LLC courses rely on a supportive environment that depends on tolerance and understanding of all participants and instructors and their creative work. We therefore ask that you are thoughtful and respectful of the other writers and help foster an atmosphere conducive to creativity. Kumi Consulting & Co., LLC reserves the right to refuse a place and / or to exclude from a course any writer who, in the judgement of the Chief Executive Officer behaves in an abusive or disruptive manner or engages in any discriminatory conduct. No refund will be given if exclusion is made for these reasons.


Comments and complaints
While Kumi Consulting & Co., LLC  makes every effort to maintain high standards and provide high-quality experiences for all writers, you may want to offer comments or make a complaint. At the end of every course you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback through our evaluation form, but if you feel this is not sufficient, you may wish to make a formal complaint. Note that all complaints should be made in writing, and we ask that you notify us within ten working days of the end of your course.

Texas State Law
The contract between you and Kumi Consulting & Co., LLC  is governed by Texas state law.

Changes to terms
We reserve the right to change or modify these Terms including for legal, regulatory or security reasons at any time. Whilst we will flag changes on the Website and/or send emails in relation to major changes, it is your responsibility to check the Terms for changes. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our Terms please contact us.