What happens after your book is written and edited? If you’re still deciding how to create a memorable cover or upload your content to Kindle’s ebook format, we can help. Perhaps you’ve found a way to get your book on Amazon but are now waiting to market your brand + book while developing visibility. EK Editorial and Coaching offers a menu of Self-Publishing Post-production services and the Marketing of your IP.

Post Production Services


After your book is written and edited, the real work begins, and that’s post-production. Learning by experience is the best way to fully understand what you’re doing unless you’re on a budget! Why learn the hard way through trial and error and costly mistakes when you don’t have to? From being led down a primrose path to nowhere, working with our clients to fix the mistakes of hybrid publishers, and getting annoyed that our clients paid way too much for post-production services, EK Editorial and Coaching is here to offer writers top-notch help in all areas of design and formatting. 

Once your writing has been thoroughly edited and proofread, the final proof is bound into book form. However, words alone do not tell the whole story. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the finishing touch is in the front cover design of your book. Our team creates the book cover, font, and sleeve design. Formatting can be drudge work. Unless you are a pro, we recommend you use professionals for the job. 

The services we offer include:

  • Cover art creation - 3 design iterations
  • Format the cover art to meet KDP standards
  • Determine book size, font, and paper type
  • Format your entire book for KDP in 3 sizes: ebook, paperback & hardcover
  • Registration of your IP with the Library of Congress
  • Purchase ISBNs

Marketing Services


After your book is polished, edited, and before uploading to Amazon, promotion to your target markets follows. A well-thought-out marketing strategy is needed to guide you over the long haul, especially if you’re using your book as a calling card to promote a business or a career jump, say to public speaking. Marketing can take many forms, like launching a social media press campaign, booking speaking engagements, or embarking on a book tour to sign your finished work.

We create the roadmap for your short and mid-term marketing campaigns and guide you on implementing them yourself or with a team. Think of the marketing roadmap as a business plan for the successful launch of your book.

As first impressions can attract or repel, the back cover blurb summarizes the story's arc to catch and hook the reader into purchasing your book, just like the front cover design. You can repurpose your author bio must also tell a compelling story and can be repurposed from Amazon to social media. 

We customize all our services to accommodate your local, national, or international needs to: 

  • Ensure your uploaded book fits all KDP formats 
  • Write and create your author page for Amazon
  • Write the back cover blurb of your book
  • Research keywords for Amazon’s search engine for all formats. KDP requires different keywords for the ebook and paperback.
  • Develop a social media branding strategy based on your audience’s profile.
  • Get your book to #1 Bestseller status on Amazon within a day of its release
  • Develop your brand personality to use across social channels and podcasts
  • Advise you on retail sales strategies



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