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Elise helped me to jumpstart my writing. Now I'm on my third book and she's editing it."
Janet Bernson, The Healing Artist

I talked about writing a book for ten years until I met Elise Krentzel, who began my incredible new writing journey. Elise is fantastic, patient, kind, and direct when she needs to be (I might be a tad hard-headed). Her presence is powerful, and I can "hear her" in my head when I am stuck or trying to shortcut the story.

If you’ve ever considered writing or are looking for someone who knows their stuff and is an AWESOME teacher - Elise is the end of your search.

Will Simpson - Author of  You’ve Got to Lose to Win

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Can you relate to any of these statements?


  • Have you always wanted to write but didn’t know how?
    You’re unsure where to begin using the notes, ideas, and plot you may have outlined. The steps, structure, form, and method necessary to start are unclear.
  • You held firm to the belief that your story wasn’t worth writing.
    Self-doubt got in the way of taking action. You weren’t ready to unleash your creativity.
  • You started but got stuck somewhere and didn’t finish.
    Your life can interrupt the concentration needed to get unstuck and back into the writing flow.
  • You’ve heard from people more than once, “Oh my god, your story would make a great book; why don’t you write it?” yet you weren’t convinced you could.
    When writing is not your full-time career, it feels impossible.

Challenge yourself and WIN with my online courses that will get you writing and finishing your first book!


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Book Coaching

Accountability is vital whether it's your first or fifteenth book.

As your badass partner, I review and critically evaluate any concepts and ideas you have and materials: blogs, articles, notes, and partial manuscripts to structure your deliverables throughout the process.  

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I develop your book's conceptual framework, chapters, table of contents, and chapter titles to ensure flow, consistency, believability, and accuracy. 

Putting the finishing touches on the manuscript includes ensuring the syntax and  grammar are correct.

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You’ve yearned to tell your story to someone who can write it for you - in your voice, who understands your POV and what it takes to complete a non-fiction, epic novel, or multi-layered family history saga. I’ve been writing for over four decades.

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Under our imprint Kumi Books, we offer authors a range of options to help them through the nightmare landscape of self-publishing. From formatting, cover art, ISBN and bar code creation, KDP uploading and Amazon #1 ranking to brand building and marketing.

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I had the pleasure of working with Elise for the last six months as my book coach, editor, and guide. A seasoned professional who leads with her heart, she has helped me find my voice. I am indebted to her for her guidance and wisdom in taking on the challenge. She was patient when I needed the space, stern when I needed the push, and empathetic when I needed to be understood. Elise’s skills and experience translated into making my book a reality!

Abrar Ansari - Author of Management by Intent

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Elise Krentzel is an original rebel from NYC. Back in the days when Studio 54, platform shoes, and glitter were the rage, Elise was a rock ‘n’ roll journalist.

Her memoir Under My Skin - Drama, Trauma & Rock 'n' Roll, was #1 on Amazon in 9 categories. She is currently working on her second book in her memoir trilogy.


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