Book a UQIA Session
(You Question I Answer)

Do you have a question that needs answering right now?

Let me tackle your writing problem. Whatever it is, let’s meet on Zoom and go straight to the heart of the matter. I’ll share proven solutions that have worked with individuals and companies like yours.

I’ll laser focus on thirty years of experience in all areas of the editorial world - from writing books, product and landing pages, editorials, blogs, and features to the business end of marketing and getting your book to the #1 slot on Amazon. We can’t solve everything in an hour; however, you will receive enormous value from our interaction.

What to Expect
at your UQIA Session


We’ll work on your personal or professional writing challenge for 60 minutes focusing on a specific problem you determine in advance. If you have a prepared list of questions, I will answer as many as time allows.

Who is it for?

UQIA Sessions are designed for people who want to write or have written a book - either a personal memoir or business-related how-to or management. It is also for people who need guidance with bio, product or service messaging. For some, it’s a test drive to see if I can help for a longer term; for others, we solve the problem in an hour.

Typical Issues


  • How can I start writing?
  • How can I develop my book from the notes I have?
  • How can I bring my finished manuscript to market?
  • How can I use my book to increase my visibility?
  • How do I write my mission statement when I have several areas of speciality?
  • How can I increase?

What Happens After the UQIA Session?


This is one-time consultation. I’ll continue to support you via email for 7 days as my schedule allows.

Suppose you need ongoing support and advice. In that case, I have several programs and options from which to choose, including weekly coaching sessions.

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