Getting Started

writing Oct 27, 2023

Rod Stewart sang, ‘The first cut is the deepest, and he’s right. You must eliminate the bullshit in your life and mind to get started. I don’t care if you’re starting a book, a screenplay, a work of art, a new project, a new job, a new relationship or embarking upon a new journey to a strange land somewhere.

I’ve written about how writer’s block is a complete figment of the imagination. It’s not just writer’s block that is fake; it applies to any thought forms that stop you from taking action. Those thought forms are based on fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Take, for example, collecting stuff, whether you’re a mild or severe hoarder. I use the word hoarder in the negative since no one “needs” so much stuff to the point where it overwhelms their living space. Sure, sentimental value may be attached to things in your life, but let’s ask ourselves whether the stuff we have brings joy daily.  Remember Linus from Snoopy? He carried his security blanket around. Are you doing that with stuff? Or are you doing that with thoughts that swirl around your head repetitively?

In my anthem poem This Traveleler I write about security; the only true test is reality of sometimes being blindfolded, and masked and afraid when everything you have is there YET NOT MADE. Still the absolute spirit of sight unseen is when you accomplish what you dream. 

Let me help you accomplish your dream. I can. I’ve done it repeatedly for myself, which is why I am a success. You, too, can be a success.


As Always,

Elise Krentzel
Book Coach, Editor & Author

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